Missing Classmates

To all of our classmates: There are a number of classmates listed below that have been located, but have not joined or don't want to join the website. In every case, we have offered assistance. We have left their names there hoping some of you can encourage them to join if you know how to reach them. Many we have located through, what we know to be, a good mailing address......no email or telephone available to us.

At the reunion, we will have a listing of (1) those we have no information on and have not located; (2) those we know we have located but have not responded to us or joined the website; and (3) those that have been located, have responded and have not joined the website or have told us they have no interest or cannot come.

All support and assistance is welcome. We have enjoyed reaching out but, with some, have hit a wall.

Kerry Lawrence Adams
Lynne Lorraine Aldridge
Dana Elaine Blanton
Nancy Lee Boutelle
Herb Jack Bradley
Wanda Rebecca Brooks
Don Michael Brown
V. Dianne Brown
Gail B. Chapman
Richard Thomas Clark
David Earl Colley
David Matthew Courtney
Kathy Eileen Dalton
William Eugene Davis
Patricia Ficarra
Pat Jane Grimes
Thomas Chadick Harris
James Warren Hay
Joy Haynie
Harriet Louise Henderson
James Thomas Hudson
Robert Allen Hurd
Rosa Lee James
Linda Carol Johnson
James Terry Jones
David Ray Keith
Susan Marie Ketvirtis
William Danny King
Kathy Anne Kingry
Katrin Lynn Knight
Gary Edward Mann
James William Masters Jr.
Jena Kay McDonald
Matthew Anthony McGrath
Elizabeth Helen Miles
Kerry Daniel Mills
Susan Marie Morgan
Danny Lee New
Brenda Lee Pace
Sherry A. Posey
Brenda Louise Rappold
Lynda Jean Rea
Benny W. Slay
Lynn Ellen Smith
Wayne Ellis Smith
Carol Sue Snelling
Alfred J. Spencer
George Ken Steinbach
Bill Frederick Tasker
Ava Sue Thompson
Herbert Cuyler Vessels
Tony Steve Whitfield
John David Whitfield Jr.
Pam Wilson (Cartwright)
Kathy Jo Wimbish
Ronald Lewis Winslett
Herman Carl Zinsmeister