1966 Class Group Photo

Group photo for download or printing

First row – Seated on floor - Left to Right: Jack Sims, Randy Bostwick, Mike Voiselle, John Burger, John White, David Glover, David Sitton, Tim Rainey, Robert Belloir, Ricky Gower, Mike Estes, V.W. Chafin, Tony Bryson.

Second Row – Seated in Chairs - Left to right:  Linda Jo Eubanks Godby, Lynn Rhodes Teems, Cheryl Melander Brown, Paula Poetter Wallace, Gloria Shurbutt Beacham, Cathy Haynes Bonner, Ann Snelling Leal, Fran Cleland Sweet, Jeanie Dickinson Ellington, Trudy Howard Wray, Teacher Connie Bradley, Nancy Barbee Ross, Barbara Eaves Hubbard, Penny Reeves Fuller, Connie Mashburn Arnold, Sallie Rich JaCoy, Marsha Perry Kuykendall, Julia Hastings.

Third Row – Seated on stage - left to right Susan Durham Little, Melanie Popiel Cook, Brandi Boyle (Bonnie Bubb), Ronnie Fuller, Randy Cail, Steve Metcalf, Dean Nations, Jim Deaux, George Brown, Emil Erquitt, John Walker, Scott Deacon, Mike Wilkins, Bruce Kenny.

Fourth Row – Seated in chairs on stage - Left to Right:  Pam Fuller Stevenson, Donna Mashburn, Catherine Norton McDonald, Patti Abbey Hughes, Ann Parkman Verlander, Susan Thomas King, Mary Jo Harper Gill, Marsha Raymond Faulkner, Diane Daniel DeBarry,  Sherold Skinner, Nina Argo Gibson, Susan Smith, Drusilla Burnham Vodra, Debbie Millhouse Riggsbee.

Fifth Row – Standing - Left to Right: Eddie Gardner, Jim Squier, Robert (Bob) Harris, Robert (Bob) Keller, Mike Cox, Mike Eastman,  Don Ethridge, Danny Chambers, Eddie Speir Mike Frick, Donny Wall, Carl King, Garland Byron, Bobby Johnson, Larry Moody, Jon Fuller, George Fuller, Roddy Royal, Cary Patrick, Steve Tolbert.

Laugh of the night: Grady Hunt is not in this class photo because (bless his heart), after he landed from Denver, he fell asleep in the hotel next door and missed the photo!!!! Kudos to Grady for coming in late to be with us. Check him out in the candid photos.

Candids coming soon.....over 300 of them!!!

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