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Peter Arnold Murr died in July 1977 in what we would call today a 'home invasion' homicide. The shooter was a neighbor and Pete did not survive that attack.

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Cary Patrick

This is a weird connection.  I saw Pete, unexpectedly, in Chapel Hill in 1971.  I think he was studying business, and I was in history.  Anyway, by1977 I had done journalism study at Georgia State and had a Saturday job writing obituaries for The Atlanta Journal. One day I was contacting the funeral homes on my list, and Pete Murr was among the deceased.  As I recall, I phoned another source for further information and learned the alarming story that he reportedly had been beaten by a deranged person who lived on his street. I think I also spoke with his brother, Tony.  Pete was not the only acquaintance I wrote about during a year of Saturday afternoons, but his was among the saddest stories.


QUESTION (not knowing where to post this): Does anyone have information about my friend Bob Howland?

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